jueves, 25 de mayo de 2023 14:13
The first week's schedule has now been posted for all leagues.

After the first 1-2 games we will be posting the full schedule and placing teams into divisions.

Team Captains (Disregard if you're an individual player):

Important Reminder – Please ensure that all of your teammates have completed their MSL Player Waiver form before stepping onto the field. ALL players need to complete the waiver again.


Players will need to click on “Team Registration”, “Join an existing team”, find your team name in the drop-down list, and enter the password you chose when you registered.

Summer 2023 League Rules

- Players may only play on one team per division

- Team rosters may not exceed 18 players (14 for individual teams)

- Any spitting will result in a caution and repeat offenders will be ejected from the game. Teams will not be penalised for anyone ejected.

- Team captains must notify the league office no later then 4 pm on the day of their game during the weekdays and 12 pm for Sunday if their team is unable to attend or face a one-game suspension.

- Teams will be required to have primary and alternate kits for every game (no pinnies available).

- All teams must have kits with visible permanent numbers on the back by game week 3.

Any teams looking for kits may find them for as low as $15.00/jersey at Absolute Soccer (905-593-3600) located within our facility at the Paramount Fine Foods Centre Sportsplex. You can add a number for $5.00/jersey.