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Indoor Soccer - Womens Rules & Regulations    


  • For on going updates on standings and schedules, please visit our website at www. mississauga.ca/leagues
  • Everyone must ensure they are registered for the program. 
  • Games will start ON TIME.  Games are played with 5 or 6 players per team.  Referee will determine at the start of the game time how many players will be played based on numbers that are present. If a team fails to show with a minimum of 4 team players 10 minutes after the game start time, it is an automatic default win to the other team.  Any team with less than 6 players must play short-handed. An exhibition game or skills/drills session will be run.  Program Staff are not permitted to participate in official league games.
  • Game times will not be compromised for any late starts.
  • To participate in the playoffs, players must have played in 75% of the regular season games with their team – no “ringers” allowed.
  • Game Sheets:  Each player on a team must be represented on the game sheet.  Game sheets must be signed by team captains/representative participating.  The referee/convenor must also sign the game sheet.
  • Players are responsible for their actions. Do not taunt or bait opponents and refrain from using foul or abusive language.  VIOLATIONS WILL RESULT IN YOUR AUTOMATIC REMOVAL FROM THE GAME AND POSSIBLE REMOVAL FROM THE LEAGUE (in accordance with City of Mississauga’s Violence and Vandalism Policy.   SEE APPENDIX A
  • All games will be officiated by City of Mississauga Program Staff.  Verbal or physical abuse of officials will not be tolerated under any circumstances, and will result in your removal from the program.  SEE APPENDIX A
  • All teams will play one 50 minute game per week (two 25-minute running time halves)

 Regular Season Ties Should the game be tied at the end of regulation time the referee will record a TIE and each team will receive 1 point.  

Post season TiesShould a playoff game be tied at the end of regulation time, the game must play an OVERTIME period (3 minutes) to determine a winner.  Should the score be tied at the end of OVERTIME the winner will be determined by penalty kicks.  5 shooters per team.  The team with the most goals at the end of PENALTY KICKS is the winner.  Should the score still remain tied after 5 kicks per side then the game will go to sudden death PENALTY KICKS.  1 shooter per side until a winner is determined.  

  • All participants must receive equal playing time, regardless of level of playing ability.  Referee will enforce if necessary.
  • Non-marking running shoes only.
  • No glasses (sport goggles permitted) or jewellery of any kind.  Shin guards are mandatory. 
  • Players are asked to leave the Gymnasium immediately after the game.
  • Players not registered in the program will not be allowed in the Gymnasium.
  • Teams playing against a shorthanded team have the option of playing with a full team of 6 players.
  • All forfeits will be scored 3-0.

 Unless otherwise stated, tie breakers in standings will be determined as follows:- win/loss percentage- wins, head to head versus tied teams- plus/minus (+/-) points differential between the tied teams 


  • All walls are considered “in-play”.  Ball resting behind net will result in a goal kick.  Ball hitting ceiling results in a dead ball directly below.  Balls hitting the scoreboard are out.
  • Ball kicked over top of the cross bar will result in a goal kick.
  • Ball hitting a basketball net along the length/sides of the gym results in a dead ball directly below.  
  • There are no off-sides.
  • Goalie may handle the ball within the Basketball 3 point line/arc.  Goalie is not permitted to intentionally play the ball back into the crease so to pick it up.  Intentional hand ball in goal crease will result in goalie ball, or penalty shot, whichever is applicable.
  • Goalies can only switch when the ball is dead AND in the teams possession (i.e. you cannot switch goalies on penalty, corner or free kicks).  The referee must be notified of the goalie change.
  • Teams may substitute freely during game.  Goalie may only change during stoppage in play.
  • Goalies can only score in their opponent's net if the ball is on the ground.  Goals scored from a drop kick will not be counted, even if the ball makes contact with the ground or a player.
  • Hand-Ball includes whole arm and will be called only when contact is intentional.
  • If goalie is down to pick-up ball, offensive players cannot go for the ball.
  • High kicks will result in free kick for the opposing team.
  • Referee’s decision is final in all matters.
  • If a goalie picks up the ball outside of the crease, but their feet are Inside the crease, an indirect free kick outside the box is awarded to the other team. 
  • Yellow Card –  
    • If a player is given a yellow card, they will serve a two minute penalty.  The player must serve the entire two minutes even if his/her team were to concede a goal.
    • If a player receives 2 yellow cards in a game, this will be equal to receiving a red card, and the player will not be able to return to play that game.
  • Red Card –
    • If a player is given a red card they must leave the playing area immediately.  The guilty team shall place a player in the penalty box for five full minutes, no matter how many goals scored against them.  After the 5 minute period, the team shall return to full strength, excluding the player that received the red card.
  • If a goal keeper receives a two minute penalty, his time may be served by another player on the field.  For a red card, he will be ejected from the game and will not be allowed to come back to play.
  • If you receive 3+ cards throughout the season, a disciplinary meeting will be called and you will be unable to return to league play until the outcome of the meeting is determined.


  • If a team is playing shorthanded or without any substitutes, they have the option of taking a water break midway through each half. Water breaks will not be given to a team with substitutes.
  • The clock will be stopped and a maximum water break of 30 seconds will be given to both teams.
  • Water breaks can only be taken once the ball is dead or out of bounds. The game will not stop for a water break if the ball is still in play.


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