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5-A-Side Soccer Rules & Regulations    

City of Mississauga Men’s Indoor Soccer League

League Rules 

To view the league schedule and standings online visit:  www.mississauga.ca/leagues 

The following will be the rules and guidelines used for the Men’s Indoor Soccer Leagues operated at Carmen Corbasson CC (formerly Cawthra CC) and Huron Park RC.  

Thank you for registering in the GAME ON Indoor Soccer League with the City of Mississauga, Recreation and Parks. Should you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact the Program Staff directly, or call the community centre.

For the enjoyment of all participants, games in the Men's Indoor Soccer League will use the following rules and guidelines:  



League Rules:


1. All teams will play one 60 minute game per week (two 30 minute halves, running time).


2. Final week will be used for Championship and Playoff Games.


3. All games will be officiated by City of Mississauga Program Staff.  Verbal or physical abuse of officials will not be tolerated under any circumstances, and will result in your removal from the program.


4. All participants must receive equal playing time, regardless of level of playing ability.  Referee will enforce if necessary.


5. Excessive physical play and/or fighting will not be tolerated, and will result in your removal from the program.


6. All spectators must remain outside of the gymnasium.


7. Non-marking running shoes only.


8. No glasses (sport goggles permitted) or jewellery of any kind.  Shin guards are mandatory. 


9. Players are asked to leave the Gymnasium immediately after the game.


10. League points/standings will be calculated for Championship purposes.  Tiebreakers will be (in order) A. Head-to-Head Result B. Point Differential C. Longest Current Win Streak D. Coin Toss.


11. Players not registered in the program will not be allowed in the gymnasium under any circumstances.  If a team uses an unregistered player it will result in a forfeit.


12. Teams may start a game with 4 roster players but must have 5 roster players by half time.  Less than 4 roster players within a 10-minute grace of the scheduled start time, or less than 5 roster players at half, will result in a forfeit.  An exhibition game will be played as a result of a forfeit and substitution players can be used at this point.  Substitution players must be registered participants.  Program Staff are not permitted to participate in official league games. 


13. Teams playing against a shorthanded team have the option of playing with a full team of 5 players.



Game Rules:


1. Games will consist of two 30-minute halves.


2. Regular Season Ties:  Should the game be tied at the end of regulation time the referee will record a TIE and each team will receive 1 point.  If time permits the referee will ask both teams if they would like to play a 3 minute OVERTIME to determine a winner.  This decision must be unanimous by all players on both teams.  Should no team score in OVERTIME the result will remain a TIE.  If there is a winner at the end of OVERTIME, the winner will receive the WIN (3 points) and the loser will receive an OVERTIME LOSS (1 point, equal to a tie).


3. Postseason Ties:  Should a playoff game be tied at the end of regulation time the game must play an OVERTIME period (3 minutes) to determine a winner.  Should the score be tied at the end of OVERTIME the winner will be determined by penalty kicks. 5 shooters per team.  The team with the most goals at the end of PENALTY KICKS is the winner.  Should the score still remain tied after 5 kicks per side then the game will go to sudden death PENALTY KICKS.  1 shooter per side until a winner is determined.

4. All walls side are considered “in-play”. Ball resting behind net will result in a goal kick.  Ball hitting ceiling results in a dead ball directly below.

a) The back line (basketball court markings) is considered out, thus a corner kick or goal kick is awarded depending on who kicked the ball out. 

b) On a corner kick, kick must be taken from the X marked on the floor, opposing player must stand behind the 3 point line to give room. 

5. There are no off-sides.


6. Goalie may handle the ball within the Basketball 3 point line/arc.  Goalie is not permitted to intentionally play the ball back into the crease so to pick it up. Intentional hand ball in goal crease will result in goalie ball, or penalty shot, whichever is applicable.


7. Any player can score (including the goalie) from any where in the gym (player does not need to cross into opposing team’s half before shooting).

8. The goal kick is considered indirect, thus the goalie cannot score directly.  Goal kicks must be taken from behind the first black notch of the key (right in front of the net).

9. No intentional pass backs with the foot to the goalie is allowed.  An indirect free-kick is awarded directly in line with the infraction outside the 3 point line. 

10. All calls are indirect (2-touch) except for penalty shots. 

11. Goalies are not allowed to pick up the ball if intentionally passed back to its own goal keeper, use of the head is permitted for the goalie to pick up the ball. 

12. If goalie is down to pick up the ball, offensive players cannot go for the ball


13.  Teams may substitute freely during game.  Goalie may only change during stoppage in play.


14.  Hand-Ball includes whole arm and will be called only when contact is intentional.


15.  Referee’s decision is final in all matters.


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