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Ice Hockey Rules & Regulations    



MSL Adult Hockey League




League standings, schedules, and player statistics can be found on our website –playmsl.ca Hockey Canada rules will be in effect unless otherwise outlined by league specific rules. For more information regarding Special Risk Accident Insurance Coverage please refer to handout attached in your teams welcome package.





·         Games will consist of three stopped time periods. The first two periods will be 12 minutes in length, and the third period will be 10 minutes in length.


·         Once the ice resurfacing is complete, or at the scheduled start time, there will be a 3 minute warm up. When there is 1 minute remaining in the warm up officials will blow their whistle to indicate that the first period will begin in 1 minute. Games will commence upon completion of the warm up. After the 3 minute warm up is completed 12 minutes will go on the clock. The clock will begin to run. At the first stoppage of play the clock will go back to stop time.  This rule will only apply for the first period.


·         All players must be wearing a team jersey with a unique number listed on the back of the jersey. Players wearing a duplicate number will be required to wear a pinnie and update the game sheet. In the event of a colour conflict the home team will be required to change their jersey. Pinnies will be provided.


·         If any team is leading by 5 goals or more heading into the third period of play, the game clock will run. If any team builds a 5 goal lead during the third period of play, the game clock will run. However, if the lead is diminished to 4 goals or less at any point during the third period, the game clock will revert back to stopped time.


5< = run time

>4 = stopped time


·         Time outs will only be permitted in post season games. Teams will be allowed to call one 30 second time out. The time out must be called by a player on the ice.


·         Regular Season Ties: If a game is tied at the end of regulation, a 5 minute 3 on 3 running time sudden death overtime will commence. If the game remains tied at the conclusion of the 5 minutes, both teams will earn one point. If there is a winner, the winning team will receive two points, and the losing team will receive one point. During overtime players are only allowed to change on the fly.


·         League points/standings will be calculated for playoff purposes. Tiebreakers will be (in order) 

1. Goal Difference

2. Goals For

3. Goals Against

4. Wins


·         Post-season Ties: If a playoff game is tied at the end of regulation, a 5 minute 3on3 running time sudden death overtime will commence. If the game remains tied at the conclusion of the 5 minutes, a best of 3 shootout will take place. If the game remains tied after the first three shooters, a sudden death shootout will continue until a winner is determined.


+++ If the shootout is tied after the first 3 shooters, the players who took those first three penalty shots are allowed to shoot a second time.














Penalties / Rules         


            Minor penalties:                     2 minutes


            Misconduct Penalties:           10 minutes


Major penalties:                     5 min. + game misconduct.

All major penalties will be reviewed by the discipline committee to determine if additional suspension is warranted.  Repeat offenders will be disciplined progressively, and may face a suspension for the balance of the season, or more. (See Rule 19)


Game Ejection:                      Balance of game



5 Minute penalty + automatic game misconduct. Minimum three game suspension.  Discipline will be progressive and may result in a suspension for the balance of the season or more (See Rule 19)


Match penalty, Racial/Discriminatory Remarks or Gross Misconduct:              

5 Minute penalty + automatic game misconduct. Minimum one game suspension pending a review by the discipline committee.  Discipline will be progressive and may result in a suspension for the balance of the season or more (See Rule 19)



Abuse of MSL Adult Hockey League staff (referees, timekeepers,convenors)

and facility staff will not be tolerated.


Penalties that could be assessed include:

Unsportsmanlike conduct

10 minute misconduct                                    

            Game misconduct

            Gross misconduct


All abuse of officials penalties are subject to review by the discipline committee.


Players exiting the penalty box must make an attempt to close the Penalty Box door to ensure safety of all participants. Failure to do so may result in a 2 minute minor.




1.         Any player receiving three (3) minor penalties in one game will receive an automatic game ejection for that game only.  Double minors count as two penalties.


2.         Additional suspensions for penalty accumulations:


                   a. Players accruing 26 minutes in penalties, including misconducts, will receive a one game suspension.

                   b. Players accruing an additional 10 minutes, for a total of 36 minutes in penalties, will receive a second one game suspension.

                   c. Any player receiving an additional 10 minutes in penalties for a total of 46 minutes will be suspended for the balance of the season including playoffs.


3.          All players must wear a CSA approved helmet with the chin strap properly fastened under the chin.


4.          Goalies must wear a CSA approved hockey helmet and a CSA approved facial protector must be securely attached. 


5.          If a player participates in any MSL ADULT HOCKEY LEAGUE regular season or tournament game under the influence of drugs or alcohol, that player will be ejected from the game immediately and will face supplementary discipline.


6.          If a player is ejected from a game or receives a Major Penalty, the player must either leave the arena immediately after changing, or remain in the dressing room for the remainder of the game.  Failure to comply with this rule will result in further disciplinary action against the player, including possible expulsion from the league.


7.          Icing the puck is completed the instant the puck crosses the goal line when it is shot from behind the defending blue line - blue line icing.


8.          The red centre line will not be in play for all divisions.


9.          Slap Shots are allowed.


10.        Contacting the puck above the normal height of the shoulders with the stick is prohibited and when it occurs, play shall be stopped and the ensuing face-off shall be at the spot where the offence occurred, unless:

(1) a player of the non-offending team obtains possession and control of the puck, in which case play shall continue,

(2) a player of the offending side shall bat the puck into his own goal, in which case the goal shall be allowed,

(3) the offending team gains a territorial advantage, then the face-off shall be where the stoppage of play occurred, unless otherwise stated in the rules.


11.        When a goaltender is struck in the head with a shot the play will automatically be blown dead by the official. If the goaltender is able to continue the face off will be in the same zone in which the shot was taken. If a shot is taken hits the goaltenders mask and deflects into the net the goal stands.



12.        A minimum of six (6) players are required to start a game, a goalkeeper must be present by the end of the first period for that game to continue (5 players and a goalie).  Otherwise, the game will be forfeited and recorded as a 3 - 0 loss.



13.        All players must be registered with their respective teams prior to playing. If an illegal player participates in a game, that game will be declared a 3 - 0 forfeit loss for the offending team.


14.         Any illegal player who is suspended from the league must register and serve their suspension within the MSL Hockey League.


15.         The Team Captain is responsible for the actions of his/her players on and off the ice and may face supplementary 


16.        All players must sign the game sheet prior to stepping on the ice.

17.        All players on a teams’ roster must play a minimum of 50% of regular season games in order to be eligible to play in the playoffs.  Exceptions to the rule will be permitted for valid medical reasons submitted to the league for review. Players must have photo identification for playoff games. Exceptions to the rule may be permitted for valid medical reasons, these requests must be submitted to the league supervisor immediately.


18.        Under no circumstances can an individual play for any MSL ADULT HOCKEY LEAGUE team while under suspension.  A violation of this rule will result in the original suspension being doubled, and any game(s) in which that player played will be declared a 3 - 0 forfeit loss for the offending team.


19.        The MSL ADULT HOCKEY LEAGUE has full authority to determine what level a player or team participates in.


20.        No Smoking or Alcoholic beverages are permitted in the dressing rooms, or inside any MSL ADULT HOCKEY LEAGUE buildings.


21.        SUPPLEMENTAL DISCIPLINE.  In addition to suspensions imposed under the MSL ADULT HOCKEY LEAGUE rules, or the Hockey Canada rules, the MSL ADULT HOCKEY LEAGUE may, at their discretion, investigate any incident that occurs in connection with any game. The MSL ADULT HOCKEY LEAGUE also reserves the right to assess additional suspensions during or after a game whether or not such an offence was called by the referee.  It must be noted that the Rules published for the MSL ADULT HOCKEY LEAGUE, spell out the MINIMUM sanction or penalty that a player will serve.  A player’s additional suspension and/or expulsion from the league could result after the league completes a thorough investigation of any incident.



The League reserves the right to stop play and terminate a game at any time if there is reason to believe that the safety of the participants is in danger.


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